The manual for working with the statistics service

Currently Evolution Gaming roulettes are provided


Name – Name of the Evolution Gaming roulette in the lobby

Count – Quantity of roulette winning numbers recorded to database.

Red – Red numbers

Black – Black numbers

Odd – Odd numbers

Even – Even numbers

Low – Small numbers from 1 to 18

High – Bid numbers from 19 to 36

1st – First dozen

2nd – Second dozen

3rd – Third dozen


1col – First Column

2col – Second Column

3col – Third Column

ALT – Alternations

TIER – Tiers du Cylindre sector

ORPH – Orphelins sector

VOIS – Voisins du Zero sector

ZERO – Zero spiel (Jeu 0) sector

1-3 4-6 etc. – Streets of 3 numbers

1-6 4-9 etc. – Six lines of 6 numbers

Upper table «LOSSES IN A ROW»

It counts how many times numbers WERE LOSING in a row according to collected data:
For example for Lighting roulette we see that the Black were losing twice in a row, because the outer numbers 12 and 21 are red.
Similarly statistics works for whole «LOSSES IN A ROW» table. Each positive number shows how much times Red, Black, Small and Big sectors, Dozens and Columns were losing etc.


It counts how many times numbers WERE LOSING in a row according to collected data:
It’s opposite to «LOSSES IN A ROW» table functionality and displays the number of wins in a row. For example for the same Lighting roulette we see that the Black were winning twice in a row, namely numbers 4 and 10 (they are black).

Upper table «LOSSES IN A ROW»

It counts how many times the certain number at the certain roulette wheel was losing. For example, for Lighting roulette we see that Black number 4 was losing four times in a row. Namely, after number 4 were the numbers 23, 26, 21 and 12.

Winning numbers

At the bottom of the main statistics screen you can see the numbers that were winning at the roulette wheels. Ten numbers are displayed by default, but you can change this quantity in Adjustments

Additional functions
1. You can minimize data columns that you don’t need by double-clicking on the arrow.

2. By clicking on the roulette name you can display at the main screen statistics on 100 latest spins (the number of spins can be set in Adjustments).


You can open Adjustments by clicking on three lines in the upper left corner.

«Count Zero as reset» function

When the points of this menu are activated, then if «0» (Zero) wins, it will reset to 0 the number of losses in a row for the selected partitions.

For example, if you activate 50/50, then in case numbers 0, 5, 7 and 9 win, it will show 0 for Red losing, but not 4 for not Red losing in a row.

List of roulettes

In adjustments you can either turn on or turn off displaying of roulettes in the summary table.

«To add notification (highlighting) rule» function

To create the rule you have to click on «Add rule»

You can choose personal cell highlighting rules for with the following Telegram notification.

The example on the picture represents the Red or Black highlighting rule, when they are highlighted red in case any of them are losing ten or more times in a row.

Similarly you can create rules for other sectors of the roulette.


Also there’s a function of color highlighting for the «WINS IN A ROW» table. Don’t confuse «WINS IN A ROW» and «LOSSES IN A ROW»

Rules editing


After adding the rule it will stay in the left menu. For editing the rule double-click on the pencil icon, for dealing — on the «X» icon.

Telegram notifications


To adjust Telegram notifications you need to enter your Telegram ID into the main menu (not to be confused with telephone number and nickname).

Write to chatbot @statt777_bot – click on «start»

Get your ID

Enter it into the window on the website and save.

After setting this adjustment you will be receiving Telegram notifications of rule triggering


To turn on and to turn off Telegram notifications use adjustments.